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Car Accident Lawyer In Houston, TX


s a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorney since 1989, the office of Dennis L. Brown has the experience and education to expertly handle your serious injury or death claim and to fully protect your rights and maximize your recovery. We have handled numerous automobile and eighteen wheeler collision cases and we are experts in the law and procedural process in order to win your case. Contact a car accident lawyer for more information on how we can help.

Our Guarantee:

“We will protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law; investigate your claim vigorously; our consultations are free, and representation of your Longshore/Offshore Act case will usually be at no cost to you.”

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

In 18 wheeler accidents in particular, the trucking company will dispatch an investigator to the scene within minutes to photograph and document the facts to best defend their driver. Our job is to help you secure photographs, witness statements, medical evidence and facts about the driver’s behavior at the time of the collision that will prove he alone caused your injuries. Our immediate involvement and investigation is critical to your case. Frequently, it is necessary to hire experts to investigate the scene and re-create the collision to expose the false statements the responsible driver will use to place the blame on you, the victim. Our firm has the experience and dedication to fight these insurance companies to secure you a fair and reasonable settlement or take your case to trial to pursue your rights.

Vehicular Accident Checklist

  1. Take photographs with your cellphone of all vehicles involved and their position at the scene before the vehicles are moved.
  2. Collect the name, address and phone number of any witnesses to the collision.
  3. Collect all insurance information of the responsible driver, along with a photograph of their driver’s license and try to record any comments they make at the scene.
  4. Always call the police to make a record of the collision; make sure you give the police your version of the collision before the ambulance takes you from the scene and make sure he records the names of all witnesses.
  5. Do not give a statement to the Defendant’s insurance company prior to speaking with an experienced attorney. Those statements are recorded and the adjuster will use the opportunity to try to defend their case and phrase matters in a tricky manner to protect their driver.
  6. Seek medical care immediately to document your injury. It is best to choose a doctor accustomed to documenting injuries as you will need to secure medical reports that fully illustrate your injuries and complaints. Many family doctors are not accustomed to dictating these type of reports.
  7. Keep receipts for all medical care, medications, car repairs and lost time from work.
  8. Get an estimate of your vehicle damages from a dealership. The insurance company estimates are sometimes lower or incomplete.
  9. Take a thorough set of pictures of the damage to your vehicle from all angles, including damage to the interior. – Do not have your car repaired before you do this and do not depend on the insured adjuster to take adequate pictures.
  10. Call a Car Accident Lawyer to protect your rights.

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